Snowdrop Series Ends with Two Wins for Commodore in Lovely Sunny Weather

Nick Marlow managed to set some great courses despite the challenging light and shifty wind conditions. 19 boats started the first race in sunny weather with a few dazzled by the sun being over the line including the eventual winner. Race was eventually a 1-2 for the Lasers with Mike Pritchard winning from Ray Kemish and Kevin Milton third. The second race saw even lighter winds with Kevin Milton and Mike Pritchard sailing well away from the fleet after the first lap with Mike eventually winning on handicap. An excellent start by Andrew Beaumont, which saw him round the first mark in second place, resulted in second place overall from the consistent Kevin Milton.

These were the final two races of the Snowdrop series and prior to them Duncan Adams was leading overall from Kevin Last with Ray Kemish third. Duncan missed the racing today so Kevin needed a top two finish in either race to win overall. Lack of marginal planning weather meant Kevin struggled, finishing 15th and 7th leaving Duncan to win overall by 0.25pts. Mike’s two wins meant he overhauled Ray to finish third overall. In the end the first four boats were covered by 4.25pts overall;

Final results:
1st Duncan Adams, Phantom, 8.75pts
2nd Kevin Last, Supernova, 9pts
3rd Mike Pritchard, Laser, 11pts
4th Ray Kemish, Laser, 13pts
5th Kevin Milton, Phantom, 19pts
6th Bob Ceurstemont, Supernova, 26pts
7th Roger Day, Supernova, 26pts
8th Andrew Beaumont, Comet, 34pts
9th Josie Adams, Comet, 44pts
10th Jill Reid, Radial, 46pts