Easter sees Egg-ceptional Performance by Paul Jago

Whilst the leaders at the front were battling it out on the water, Paul Jago sailed his own race to win the Gold fleet from Kevin Milton by 20 seconds with Mike Pritchard a further 22 seconds behind. In the silver fleet Jill Reid was egg-static at winning from Louis Mok and the Kings, Dennis and Janice. After a poor start in the Bronze fleet, Jon Adams eggcelerated away and won after an eggemplary effort from good eggs, Dave Bexson and Nick Colbeck.

In the second race Kevin Last showed an eggsesive turn of speed to lead from the front and give Jon Adams a good race on the water with Dave Bexson scrambling in to third. The slow fleet mainly lived up to their name but Mike Pritchard had an eggsellent race to win overall with Malcolm Davidson poaching second from an eggs-hausted Paul Smith.