Wednesday Early (OAP) and Evening Race

Wednesday 30th Saw the start of the Wednesday sailing Start. 

The Early or OAP as I call it kicked off with 4 Boats turn out and it appeared to be the better wind of the evening, it looked like close racing for the first few laps but then Kev in the Phantom pull ahead of Roger in his Supernova… But did he get far enough to clinch the first bullet of the series…. The cliff hanger… I am sure we will find out on Sunday!


The evening raced kicked off with Gary setting another great course, it had the biggest start line I’ve seen this year! again proving that a good course makes good racing, the Phantoms of Adams and Milton got to the WM 1 and 2 with the lesser spotted fireball crewed buy Father and Son Adams m and J over the course of the race the 2 Ghost pulled away having a good close battle all the way round, But Milton did not have enough in the tank to get by! The Ball started tussling with the Supernova Fleet and it looked like a good close batter, However Rob C made a late break and was gaining on the ghost towards the end of the race… Who will clinch the top spot? we will have to wait and see! 


After the last few races the OOD have certainly set the bar for great courses, let’s hope we can carry on… 


See you Sunday for more fun and Games. forecast looks like it’s going to be a nice plod 


Don’t forget the Cruising on Friday and Saturday.