Paul Jago Wins in Vain as Kevin Last gets First Overall

So another season of Wednesday night racing came to an end under a grey sky. Paul Jago won the last race by 13 seconds from Duncan Adams, creating a perfect symmetry as he won the first race on 30th of March. Second overall was Duncan Adams and Kevin Milton third. Duncan had to win the last race to win overall so those 13 seconds meant the overall winner of Series 3 was Kevin Last in his Supernova with Duncan second and Paul third. Next Wednesday sees a rules training evening on what it takes ti break rule 42 or of course ensure you never do.

Wednesday Series 3 Overall:
1st Kevin Last 5.3pts
2nd Duncan Adams 6.0pts
3rd Paul Jago 11.0pts
4th Gary Cawthorn 14.7pts
5h Mike Pritchard 16.0pts
6th Keith Brereton 17.0pts