Kevin takes the Fast route to success and Mike the Slow one

The Summer Fast and Slow Fleets drifted to a close in their final race under blue skies but little wind. The Fast fleet was won as usual by Kevin Last from Bob Cuerstemont and Keith Brereton. This meant Kevin won overall from Roger Day and Kevin Milton.

1st Kevin Last 6pts
2nd Roger Day 12pts
3rd Kevin Milton 14pts
4th Keith Brereton 16pts

The Slow fleet race was one by Paul Jago from Josie Adams and Jack Smith who took family honours from mum Amanda and dad Paul. Overall winner was Mike Pritchard from Josie Adams and Paul Jago same order as for the ASC PY series.


1st Mike Pritchard 4pts
2nd Josie Adams 11pts
3rd Paul Jago 12pts
4th Malcolm Davidson 15pts

Average entries for Fast/Slow were only 13 and much lower than the 20 average for the ASC PY series. Does that attract interest or people like to do only one race. A question for Duncan?