ASC PY Summer Handicap Series Ends in a Close Thriller

A stunning performance by Paul Jago in his highly handicapped Streaker, catching the thermals to drive through the fleet to win the last race. Second place went to Bob Cuerstemont from Kevin Last in another Supernova with Mike Pritchard and Ray Kemish third and fourth in Lasers and Josie Adams sixth in a Comet. The fourth and sixth places determined the overall positions. Paul’s win meant he was on 12 points but Mike’s fourth meant he ended up winning overall with 10.7 points from Josie on 11 so very close for top three. In the series we had six different race winners with Josie winning twice. Many others saw top five places compared to lower positions overall. As such the ASC PYs, RYA PY calculations for Attenborough only seem to have been a success. The usual people at the front did well but had to perform very well and count a few poor results whilst classes seemingly disadvantaged at Attenborough by national RYA PYs have done better. Overall it would appear smaller boats in the Slow Fleet get better handicaps with the ASC version than the national and this may be due to wind profile across the pond and the islands where taller masts should be an advantage. Average entry per race in this series was 20 best for a Sunday series for over five years so thanks to all who took part.

1st Mike Pritchard 10.7pts
2nd Josie Adams 11pts
3rd Paul Jago 12pts
4th Bob Cuerstemont 17pts
5th Kevin Last 18pts
6th Malcolm Davidson 19pts