Wednesday Series 3

After Wednesday evening series 2 draws to a close with some close racing on the water from front to back, We must all remember that series 3 will start at the earlier time of 6.30pm.

We also Have some great club events coming up firstly :-

Bank Holiday Cup – will be continuing 28th August (not the 30th as the sailing program states) If you want to sail then pop down, duties are divided up on the day and racing is normally 3 races all to count towards the Bank Holiday cup Trophy, as its stands we have Team Phantom 1-2 and the laser lads in  3-4 Have a look…

ASC BIG WEEKEND – 3-4th September –  this a charity event and open to all with great prizes to be won for a nominal event fee, it will be great to have some volunteers for the day and even better to see you all down on the day. have a look here for more information 

Any questions please don’t hesitate to grab me