Club Website Revamped

Our club website has been one of the better ones but I felt it was time for an update, in particular to make it easier to add news items and events making the site more dynamic. Over last few months I have been working with Dennis Bell on the redesign and the new site is now launched. Dennis is a member but also owns DBN Web Design, one of our sponsors. He has put a large amount of his own time in to the upgrade which has meant moving the whole site on to a new platform and thanks to him for his work. I hope you agree that the new layout is more modern, cleaner, more logically set out and presents more relevant information.

The new site now uses WordPress which allows easier adding of articles with photos and also allows content to be replicated more easily on the home page and elsewhere. The homepage has also been changed. The standard rotating gallery at the top stays but now includes sponsors and events in the sequence. Areas relevant to new members, such as joining and training are on the left hand side, whereas those for members are on the right, including a link to our forum which I hope will be used more in the future. We have had much discussion on the layout and final one was only agreed on Saturday. If you have any views let me know. Also note as per the old site, the current version is smartphone and tablet readable although as usual with these the layout is different to that seen on a laptop or desktop.

DBN_Logo_51-300The centre part of the homepage contains latest news. Previously these were small text links on the left but now they are more prominent and include photos. They also cover different styles, so can be just for information, short text on homepage takes you to say results or short text leads to a larger article or more details of an event. We will increase our stock photos and would be good if members can send articles and photos in to out communications email address –

Note log-in details to the Members area are as before, although some committee members have different log-in credentials to allow updating of the site.

Mike Pritchard