2016 Gold and Silver Fleets Announced

Gold, silver and bronze fleet racing starts Sunday 10th. Each season there is 3 up 3 down between the three fleets. Which fleet you are in is a combination of ability and participation and as can be seen by this year’s gold and silver fleets they encompass most people who sail regularly. Over the six years of these fleets only four have managed to stay in the gold fleet; Keith Brereton, Roger Day, Kevin Milton and Mike Pritchard.

Last year saw Nick Marlow, Josie Adams and Nick Turnbull-Ross relegated from the gold fleet being replaced by Jill Reid, Kevin last and Malcolm Davidson. Silver fleet lost Brendan McGrath, Paul Warren and Paul Mellows/Mick Adams being replaced by Dennis King, Jon Adams and Paul Jago. With two strong fleets it will be interesting to see who survives this season. If not in either fleet then as for new members you race in the Bronze Fleet and thus have chance for glory and promotion.

the second race in the Spring Series covers Fast and Slow fleets with 1080 again the cu-off and despite a sterling effort in getting their PY handicap increased the Supernova is still classed as fast.

ASC Gold Silver Fleets 2016