Wednesday Series 2 Final Summary 11/08/2010

As ever Wednesday nights provide some of the best sailing at the club. The final race for Wednesday Series 2 was held on the 11th of August with 22 boats taking part. Overall 45 boats

took part in the series and average number of starters was 18 with half the races getting 20+. Pleasant summer evening always help and ensure most people stay

behind to swell the bar takings

On the water, Mike Pritchard did well in the first half of the series winning most of them such that by half way he had almost won the series. Conversely,

Kevin Last had poor results in first hlaf but steadily improved sculminating in a win in the final race that ensured he came second overall from Mike. In third place with a string of

second and thirds was Kevin Milton. The first two races did feature excellent performances from Paul Kelly and Josie Adams who the first and second races respectively and illustrate

that the racing is becoming more competitive but consistency perhaps needs improving for some. However, consistency can work in different ways and one competitor did

put in a particulary consistent performance over the six races they entered with a finish in the second race the only blot on a clean sweep of retirements.

Another good feature of the

series is the number of Comets racing and they are now the biggest fleet after Lasers. Indeed Mike Pritchard was so impressed with their growth he had to see what was the attraction

and had a try in Mike Leach’s boat for the final race and he was very impressed with their performance suggesting they are an ideal boat for those members at the lighter end of the

weight scale (less than 65kg). We are hoping to arrange coaching for the Comet sailors in the next month or so and this will be advertised once a date has been agreed.

Wednesday Series 2 (45 entries)

1st Mike Pritchard 7.2pts
2nd Kevin Last 12.0pts
3rd Kevin Milton 16.0pts
4th Roger Day 19.5pts
5th Paul Kelly 28.0pts