Snowdrop Series 3 21/04/2013

The Snowdrop Series final ended as we approach the end of April.

The series was held under mainly poor weather with three races not taking place due to strong winds; bitterly cold weather also deterred many in the early races which drove me to wear a wetsuit, hat and gloves. The final two races of the series were held on 21st April and saw 22 boats come to the start line. The series had already been won by Mike Pritchard and battle was for second place with Roger Day and Kevin Milton tied. As Roger was Officer of the Day, Kevin had to be in top two in one race to beat Roger when his OOD average kicked in. The excellent wind and two good courses meant some close and exciting racing especially when the gusts as usual only appeared at the gybe mark.

The first race was won by Paul Warren from Jon Adams who is really getting to know his RS300. Nick Marlow

came third, a second ahead of Mike Pritchard. In the second race, Nick Marlow returned to his I like to sail in clear air form and quickly gained an unassailable lead.

The rest of the fleet had some close racing with Kevin Last eventually passing Mike Pritchard to take second place by 5 seconds, with Mike third. Nick Marlow’s win meant he took third place overall with Roger Day taking second place.

Mike Pritchard


1st Mike Pritchard, Laser, 4pts
2nd Roger Day, Phantom, 10.7pts
3rd Nick & Ruth Marlow, Lark, 11pts
4th equal Kevin Last, Supernova, 13pts
4th Kevin Milton, Phantom, 13pts
6th Josie Adams, Comet, 22pts

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