Northern Tripartite Washed Out but becomes a Club Mini-Regatta 08/07/2012


Eleven boats from Attenborough made the short trip to Swarkestone for the annual Norhern Tripartite (inter-club competition). Having rigged the boats, Swarkestone officials were concerned about the rapidly rising local river that was starting to engulf the local access road (see photo right). Given the potential that people would be stranded it was agreed to postpone the event to later in the year and hopefully a few more Attenborough sailors can make the new date.


As water levels at Attenborough were still sailable it was decided to head back home and hold an impromptu mini-regatta. Thanks to Mark Last for running what turned out to be an interesting series of three 40 minute races with weather that alternated between sun and black clouds (see right with sun kissed boats with dark coulds behind). The wind direction and speed fluctuated throughout and the third race encompassed a torrential shower with zero visibility and strong winds that even resulted in Kevin Milton capsizing.

There was close racing with the event eventually won jointly by Kevin Milton and Mike Pritchard with Andrew Beaumont a close third.


1st equal Kevin Milton, Phantom, 3pts
1st equal Mike Pritchard, Laser, 3pts
3rd Andrew Beaumont, Comet, 5pts
4th Nick Turnbull-Ross, Laser, 8pts
5th Keith Adams and James Johnson, Kestrel, 9pts
6th Ray Kemish, Laser, 11pts

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Mike Pritchard – 8th July 2012