Fastnet Race 28/08/2010

For the first time in many years, the club ventured outside of Coneries Lagoon. The aptly named Fastnet Race, involved passing through the gap south of No. 6 buoy and then turning starboard up the barge canal, past the Erewash and

as far as the footbridge taking walkers to the Trent. Two laps were scheduled and twelve hardy souls took to the start line in a variety of craft in a Force 3 north-westerley.. A gentle warm-up

took the boats from the start to No. 1 and then 4 and 6 before entering the unknown. By No.6, Nick Marlow had taken an early lead followed by Nick Turnbull-Ross and

Kevin Last. However the start of the barge canal was only a few boat lengths wide and surrounded by trees. In the carnage that followed boats were pointing in all directions and running aground.

Two boats managed by luck/skill to navigate themselves clear and into wider waters. At the bridge turning mark, Mike Pritchard was in the lead, followed by Kevin Last. One lap was enough for Kevin, so Mike quickly built a large lead on the rest

of the fleet eventually finishing in an hour and about four minutes ahead of second placed Nick Marlow with Nick Ross a further four minutes behind so a tough race. Four of the twelve boats retired as the ever increasing wind made

for very difficult sailing conditions. Almost everyone capsized with Rob Marlow and Margaret Carruthers in the Laser Vago managing this ten times.

Overall a great idea to go up the barge canal and although the author is biased and in a minority of one, he does believe this should be repeated at least once a year.

Fastnet Race Results

Round the World Race

Grandeously named by Julie Warren, this involved sailing around all club marks (1,2,5,6,4,3,9,7,8,F). Despite Lasers being in the first four places in the Fastnet Race, the Round the World race was no place for the small Laser and none entered.

With seaworthy RS Visions and Wanderers to the fore, nine boats set off. As this Round the World Race only lasted 15 minutes we were invited to go round twice. After his success in the Fastnet Race, Mike Pritchard made it a double, winning the race albeit by being

in the fortunate position of sitting in the Hartley Supernova when the race start was announced. The RS Visions of Nick Turnbull-Ross and John Shepherd and Coupe brothers came

second and third respectively.

Round the World Race Results