Cold Turkey Handicap

Ten boats took to the wateron a sunny lightwind morning in the Cold Turkey Handicap. The OOD, Roger Day, decided on a start from the bank which resulted in a very broad reach start but everyone got away first time. Mike Pritchard had taken his time to gethis boatready to the point of getting on the water after the first boat had reached the first mark!

The fleet soon became spread out arond the lake and the race became a procession although Mike did manage to carve way pasta few of the slower boats.

The final results were;

1 Duncan Adams Supernova
2 Kevin Last Supernova
3 Keith Brereton Phantom
4 Andrew Beaumont Comet
5 Paul Kelly Supernova
6 Mike Pritchard Laser
7 Kevin Milton Phantom
8 Rob Corner Supernova
9 Nick Colbeck Mirror (s/h)
10 Saul @ Reuben Tendler Graduate